50 Influential Jews: Rising Jewish Music Stars - No. 29

With global fanbases and smash hits, including a widely popular Eurovision performance for one of them, Troye Sivan and Noa Kirel continue to dominate the music industry.

 Noa Kirel and Troye Sivan. (photo credit: ERAN LEVI, REUTERS)
Noa Kirel and Troye Sivan.
(photo credit: ERAN LEVI, REUTERS)

Jewish stars who have dominated the music industry over the past year range from Israeli pop sensation Noa Kirel, who finished third at Eurovision with her hit song Unicorn, to Australian Jewish singer-songwriter Troye Sivan, whose latest single, “Rush,” entered the Israeli music charts at first place. Both have a huge fan base with millions of followers around the world.

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Noa Kirel, 22, rose to fame in 2015 with her first single, Medabrim, and by the end of 2016, she had won Singer of the Year at the Israeli Kids’ Choice Awards.

Shortly after completing her mandatory service in The Israel Defense Forces Orchestra (Tizmoret Tzahal) in 2022, Kirel was selected to represent Israel in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. While she didn’t take home the crown, Kirel finished third overall and received the second-highest number of votes from the professional jury.

Australian-Jewish Sivan first caught the public’s attention in 2012 when he began posting videos about his life to his YouTube channel, which today has nearly eight million subscribers.

In July 2023, his latest single from his upcoming album Something to Give Each Other debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard Global 200 and topped music charts in Australia and Israel. Sivan has stated that it is intended to reflect his experiences of feeling “confident, free, and liberated.”