50 Influential Jews: Eitan Neishlos - No. 35

As head of the Neishlos Foundation, the 44-year-old Eitan Neishlos is pushing for Holocaust education and fostering respect and kinship between Jews and Arabs.

Eitan Neishlos (photo credit: ZIV KOREN)
Eitan Neishlos
(photo credit: ZIV KOREN)

Eitan Neishlos

Founder and President, Neishlos Foundation and Neishlos Capital

At the age of 44, Eitan Neishlos has firmly established himself as one of the next generation’s most promising young Jewish leaders. He serves as the president and founder of the investment house Neishlos Capital. He spearheads the Neishlos Foundation, a philanthropic platform that fosters coexistence, tolerance, and unity among the younger generation. This mission is achieved through Holocaust education initiatives and by promoting bonds of kinship and respect between Jews and Arabs, inspired by the Abraham Accords. 

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Based in Dubai, Neishlos firmly believes in the synergy between business and philanthropy. As a highly successful entrepreneur in payment systems, fintech, and financial inclusion, Neishlos has played a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of millions worldwide with his user-friendly, cutting-edge payment solutions. With over two decades of experience spanning Latin America, Asia, Southern Africa, Australia, and Israel, he has steered multiple companies toward growth and prosperity, always emphasizing the importance of social responsibility. In recent years, he has expanded his investments into various sectors, including security and film production, notably bringing a portion of his business endeavors to the United Arab Emirates.

Neishlos embarked on his philanthropic journey in memory of his grandmother Tamara Zisserman, a Holocaust survivor whose life was saved by a Christian family, duly recognized by the State of Israel. He remains steadfast in advancing Holocaust education for young adults across diverse religious backgrounds. He previously served as chairman of Courage to Care, a B’nai B’rith program that has educated over 200,000 young Australians about the perils of prejudice. He serves as ambassador of the International March of the Living Gulf Chapter.

Among his most noteworthy Holocaust-related projects are the Soul to Sole campaign, which is focused on restoring the shoes of children who perished in Auschwitz; leading the March of the Living on behalf of the third generation; and participating in a historic joint torch-lighting ceremony with an Arab individual for the first time in history. Additionally, he initiated the first Kristallnacht commemoration event in Dubai, which included a Holocaust survivor from the UK sharing her story with the audience comprising Arab and Jewish members.