30 nations mulling role in int'l force

France pledges up to 5,000 troops; Malaysia willing to send 1,000 troops.

french soldier 298 NATO (photo credit: NATO)
french soldier 298 NATO
(photo credit: NATO)
Despite complications, at least 15 countries have expressed a willingness to contribute troops to an international stabilization force in southern Lebanon if one is formed after a cease-fire and under a clear UN mandate. At least nine other nations say they're ready to provide support; six others remain undecided about their roles. The breakdown, with details where available: ___ Deploy troops: AUSTRALIA - "very limited" contingent BRAZIL - no specifics CHILE - no specifics FRANCE - no more than 5,000 troops GHANA - no specifics INDONESIA - 1 battalion (about 800 troops) ITALY - no specifics LITHUANIA - no specifics MALAYSIA - 1,000 troops NIGERIA - no specifics NORWAY - 1 squadron of 4 missile torpedo boats, nearly 100 marines PORTUGAL - no specifics ROMANIA - no specifics SPAIN - no specifics TURKEY - "significant" contribution likely; no specifics ___ Provide support: BRITAIN - possible technical assistance CYPRUS _ transport humanitarian aid; possible staging point for forces CZECH REPUBLIC - humanitarian aid, firefighting equipment DENMARK - navy ship possible GREECE - help transport aid JAPAN - humanitarian aid POLAND - keep 200 U.N. peacekeepers already in Lebanon SLOVAKIA - doctors, humanitarian aid UNITED STATES - train and equip Lebanese army ___ Undecided: FINLAND GERMANY PAKISTAN RUSSIA SLOVENIA SWEDEN