5-year-old Iraqi boy wins asylum, can stay in US

A five-year-old Iraqi boy who came to the United States in 2006 after he was shot in the face by insurgents has won asylum and can remain with his foster parents in America. Muhammed "Hamoody" Jauda, 5, suffered persecution in Iraq, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services acknowledged. Steve Miller, a Seattle-based attorney who took on his case for free, presented witness accounts and other evidence showing that the Shi'ite boy and his family were ambushed by Sunni insurgents in Iraq in May 2005. Healing the Children, a Spokane-based nonprofit organization, brought the boy to Washington in 2006 to receive medical treatment. Hamoody has received two reconstructive surgeries to improve his disfigured face after doctors determined that he would never regain his eyesight.