AMIT students protest Swiss President's meeting with Ahmadenijad

Dozens of pupils from the AMIT Science and Technology High School in Kfar Batya will stand outside the Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv Tuesday morning to protest the Swiss President's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad in Geneva on Monday. The pupils, who also sent a letter to the Swiss President expressing their dismay at his decision to meet with the Iranian President, will stand in silence during the siren which is to sound for Holocaust Remembrance Day and continue their protest afterwards. "Many historians and scholars believe that history repeats itself," the letter reads. "70 years ago, our nation suffered from a terrible and disastrous event that will forever stain human history....Alas, there are still people who will not grant the Jews their right - people who treat the Jews as a nation not reckoned amongst other nations, but as a cancerous entity, a virus that must be eliminated. Do these claims sound familiar to you?"