Bin Laden's former driver transferred to Yemen

Expected to land in the capital of Yemen after US decision to transfer him.

usama bin laden 88 (photo credit: )
usama bin laden 88
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A Yemeni security official says the former driver for Osama bin Laden is expected to land in the capital of Yemen after a US decision to transfer him to his home country to serve the remainder of his sentence. The security official at the airport in San'a says Hamdan is "expected" Wednesday but that the timing of his plane's arrival wasn't immediately known. He says Salim Hamdan was on board an American military plane flying him from the US Navy base in Cuba to Yemen. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. Pentagon officials said earlier that Hamdan was being transferred from Guantanamo Bay to his homeland of Yemen to serve out the remaining 32 days of his sentence.