Boca Raton Jewish couple celebrates both 100 year old, 80 years of marriage

"Our blessing is we have each other," Lou Bluefeld said.

Elderly couple strolling (illustrative) 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann)
Elderly couple strolling (illustrative) 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann)
The Bluefelds, a Jewish couple from Boca Raton in Florida are celebrating many anniversaries this year. Lou and Edith Bluefeld of Boca West Country Club will both turn 100 this year, West Palm Beach TV reported.
But not only will they both turn 100 in 2021 – Lou on Saturday and Edith on August 4 – but they will also celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary on February 23.
Lou and Edith first met in Baltimore when they were 16 years old, WPBTV reported, and they have lived at the country club for 35 years, where they ran a successful kosher catering business. They have been active volunteers there since moving there in 1985.
"We're blessed that our minds are good. We have two granddaughters and a lot of grand dogs," Lou said in a written statement, WPBTV reported.
"We're so lucky to be at Boca West and have lots of friends here that are like extended family."
When asked what their secret was for staying together for so long, Lou replied: "I was the boss. I was totally the boss. She told me that. In reality, she was the boss, and I didn't realize."
According to WPBTV, Lou and Edith planned to celebrate both their birthdays and anniversary with their children and grandchildren later in the year, hoping that they will soon be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
"We're so thankful we're both well. More and more, health means everything, and money is nothing," Lou Bluefeld said, adding that he would spend another 100 years with Edith and plans to stay safe with the love of his life.