Bomb found at Florence Chabad House

Paper fuse apparently lit without burning out; center located half a block from main synagogue.

florence 248 88 (photo credit: AP)
florence 248 88
(photo credit: AP)
A rudimentary explosive device was found at the entrance of the Chabad House in Florence. The device, described as being constructed from a small camping gas canister, was reportedly discovered during the day Saturday but not reported to police until Saturday night after Shabbat. The Chabad House is located half a block from the city's main synagogue. Media reports said a paper fuse apparently had been lit, but had burned out, and no damage occurred. Florence Chief Rabbi Joseph Levy said the episode was "a very serious gesture that shows how one can pass from irresponsible words to actions such as this." Tensions are high in Italy over Israel's operation in Gaza. Last week, red paint was thrown at the façade of the synagogue in Pisa. On Saturday, thousands of people, many of them Muslim, staged a pro-Palestinian march in Rome. Some of the placards showed swastikas superimposed on the Star of David. About 300 people staged a counterdemonstration in Rome's historic Jewish ghetto neighborhood.