Woman confronts the owner of a Nazi flag and the internet loves it

A woman confronted the owner of Nazi flag that was flying in her neighborhood: “Why do you have a Nazi flag? This is America, not Nazi Germany.”

Nazi Swastika (photo credit: REUTERS)
Nazi Swastika
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Page Braswell on Sunday decided to take it upon herself to confront the owner of a Nazi flag that was flying in her neighborhood. She documented the encounter in a video that has gone viral.
According to The Charlotte Observer, Joe Love and Braswell both live in the town of Mount Holly, about 15 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. Love had a Nazi flag waving in front of his home, an insignia that Braswell could not tolerate.
Braswell said to Love, “Why do you have a Nazi flag? ...This is America, not Nazi Germany.” 
He denied supporting Nazi Germany and claims to that this is “Nazi f****** America,” then asked her, “What kind of flag do you fly?”
Braswell said that she flies a “rainbow flag.”
Love retorted with a series of swears and threats and demanded that she leave the premises.
Braswell pushed the topic a little further when she asked him, “Did you think that President Trump had something to do with all this?” likely referring to the violent white nationalist protest that took place Saturday in Charlottesville. She left Love with this question as she entered her car.
Braswell, in an interview with the Gaston Gazette, said that she actually does not fly a rainbow flag at her home, and that she is a heterosexual married woman with children. However, she would like to start flying one as a public move for tolerance in her neighborhood. “They’ve [the LGBTQ community and other ethnic minorities] got to be brave every day. There is no reason I can’t be brave for two minutes.”
Love, who showed his support for President Trump with a bumper sticker on his car, denied response to The Charlotte Observer, but he did respond to the Gazette. He denied supporting Hitler or white supremacists, but claims to have hung the swastika because it is a symbol of eastern religion. “A lot of people don’t know that… I agree with the symbol as it started out as a religious symbol.”
He has since removed the Nazi flag and replaced it with a Confederate flag.