British family says daughter missing in Israel

The family of Mia Reeves, 27, said that they have contacted the police in England, the British Consulate in Tel Aviv, and EasyJet, the airline their daughter was flying.

Mia Reeves (photo credit: Courtesy)
Mia Reeves
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A British woman who was supposed to fly back to London from Tel Aviv on Sunday never made her flight and has not been heard from since, her family in the UK told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.
While Tel Aviv police said they had not yet received a complaint, the family of Mia Reeves, 27, said they had contacted the police in England, the British Consulate in Tel Aviv, and EasyJet, the airline their daughter was flying.
By Wednesday night, Mia’s father, Kevin Edwards, said that Nottinghamshire Police had officially listed her as missing and would call the family in for an interview and search Mia’s house. In addition, Nottinghamshire Police have started notifying Israeli authorities, he said.
Edwards said his daughter was in Israel, mainly Tel Aviv, from November 16 to 30 on a cycling holiday and traveling alone. She was staying at a hostel in south Tel Aviv where she was last seen on the day of her departing flight. She had arrived at the hostel to pick up a bike carrier and Edwards said he was told that she was with a “young man in his early 20s with boyish features and dark brown hair,” but that no one knows who he is.
At the “Overstay” hostel on Ben-Tzvi in south Tel Aviv, one of the owners, Omer, said that he chatted with Reeves on the day she left, but only for a few minutes. Omer said that she hadn’t been at the hostel for a week, and told him she’d been staying in Jerusalem since she left the hostel. Omer said Reeves told him she wanted to look into extending her trip by a couple days, and was considering doing it if the tickets weren’t too pricey.
A South African friend of Reeves at the hostel - who asked not to be named – said that when he spoke to Reeves on the day she left she didn’t seem to be in any distress whatsoever, and was with a young man. He and one of the owners of the hostel, Omer, said it appeared that the two may have had some sort of romantic connection but they weren’t sure. The South African friend said that he went on Reeves’ Facebook page and in her recently added friends section he saw a man who bore a very strong resemblance to the young man. A check of the man’s Facebook page shows him to be a young Israeli Arab man who lives in Tel Aviv.
He and Omer both said that Reeves was a highly friendly, athletic, and outgoing person, who quickly made many friends during her short stay in Tel Aviv. Omer said over the course of the week he on a number of occasions received phone calls at the hostel from people who’d met Reeves around town and wanted to get together with her. He said at no point did he get the impression from Reeves that she was the type to extend her trip without telling her family or to just disappear without telling her friends. He said that she had attained an Israeli SIM card while in country, but that no one answers the line.
Omer said he’s been in contact with hostel owners around Israel and has sent them whatever he knows about Reeves to see if any of them have heard from her. So far, no one has said that they met her, he said. He added that the hostel has not been contacted by police, but that the UK Embassy has called and inquired about Reeves.
Reeves has auburn hair, is 5 feet, 3 inches (160 cm.) tall and of medium build.
The family asks anyone who has seen her to contact the Israel police and email [email protected]