British MP seeks crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Real IRA

“The malign of activity of Iran has not stopped," says British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

MP Ian Paisley  (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
MP Ian Paisley
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The prominent MP Ian Paisley sparked a discussion in the British parliament on Monday about the interplay between the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and the Real Irish Republican Army, as well as demanding that the UK proscribe the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist entity.
Paisley, who is from Northern Ireland, directed his questions to the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace on Monday: “Operation Arbacia has exposed international terror links…from Iran to Ireland to Hezbollah to the Real IRA, when will the government be in a position to proscribe the framework operation of that organization…?”
Paisley also asked on Monday when the British government plans to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood.
Wallace responded that “The malign of activity of Iran has not stopped. And for those people that think it does not get back to us on our streets should look at that latest operation which showed the New IRA reaching out in Lebanon , or working with Hezbollah and other members potentially aligned to Iran, to potentially inflict murder and death on the streets, either here or in Northern Ireland. We shouldn’t forgot that. Old habits die hard."
Paisley asked the foreign office in a written query on September 17: “what discussions he has had with Cabinet colleagues on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
James Brokenshire, the minister of state in the foreign office, wrote back that “the work in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood is a matter for the Home Office, so we are responding on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.”
“There has not been formal inter-Ministerial engagement on the Muslim Brotherhood," he said. "The Government keeps under review the activities of those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK in accordance with the five commitments included in the former Prime Minister’s statement to Parliament.”
Ghanem Nuseibeh, the founder of the UK-based risk consultant Cornerstone Global, told The Jerusalem Post that "Hezbollah is a proscribed organization in Britain. Hezbollah is also directly controlled by the Tehran regime. “ He continued that “By engaging with the New IRA, Iran is once again openly and unashamedly threatening UK national security. The UK needs to toughen up it’s stance against Tehran in similar ways to the US, such as proscribing the IRGC [The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps].”
The US and the UK both classified the Real IRA a terrorist organization. The Republic of Iran declared the Real IRA an illegal organization. The New IRA and Real IRA terms are used interchangeably for the same Irish terrorist entity.