California woman charged with felony after 'licking' $1,800 in groceries

Items included meat, alcohol and jewelry.

A Beersheba grocery store  (photo credit: YASSER OKBI)
A Beersheba grocery store
(photo credit: YASSER OKBI)
Police in South Lake Tahoe, California arrested a woman for allegedly "licking" around $1,800 worth of groceries - in a time when coronavirus fears continue to grip the nation, according to NBC News.
Jennifer Walker, 53, was charged with felony vandalism after police were called into a local Safeway following a "report of a customer 'licking' groceries inside the store."
"The employee informed the officers that all the items in the suspect's shopping cart were deemed unsellable due to the cross-contamination," South Lake Tahoe police said in a statement.
Items included meat, alcohol and jewelry.
Police claim that the woman has no formal arrest record, but they are "familiar with her." Previous encounters with police were not been disclosed due to "medical privacy laws."
Walker is currently awaiting trial in jail, unable to afford the $10,000 bail she was given for release.

The United States has recorded more fatalities from the coronavirus than any other country, nearly 22,000 as of Sunday, with 42 states imposing strict stay-at-home orders.

The lack of adequate testing has hampered the US response to the pandemic, which has infected more than half a million.

Zachary Keyser and Reuters contributed to this report.