Captain detained in alleged plot against Chavez

A Navy captain arrested this week was allegedly about to deliver to opponents of President Hugo Chavez a list of officers disposed to help topple the government, according to a high-ranking military official. The arrest Wednesday was not related to a sniper plot that Chavez, the following day, said had been prepared by "fascist" militants against Manuel Rosales, his main opponent in Sunday's presidential vote, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to talk to reporters. Chavez told international reporters Thursday that a rifle with a telescopic sight was seized by intelligence agents who broke up a plot to shoot Rosales. He said the alleged conspirators wanted to blame his supporters for that attack and throw the elections into chaos. Asked about the Navy captain's arrest after the news conference, Chavez said without elaborating that the military officer was detained because he was meeting with some civilian conspirators.