Colorado judge to woman sentenced for aiding ISIS: 'You are a bit of a mess'

Shannon Conley planned to marry a Tunisian ISIS man who was fighting in Syria and who she met online.

Shannon Conley (photo credit: screenshot)
Shannon Conley
(photo credit: screenshot)
The judge in the sentencing on Friday of Shannon Conley, a Colarado nineteen-year-old sentenced on Friday for conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS and other terrorist organizations called the teen "a bit of a mess," ABC 7 News Denver reported.
"That woman is in need of psychiatric help," Judge US District Judge Raymond Moore said before sentencing Conley to four years in prison. "To me, it doesn't seem like she gets it." Moore sentenced Conley to four years in prison.
Conley was arrested last April at Denver International Airport as she was on her way to Syria to support ISIS.  She pleaded guilty to the charge in September.
"Even though I supported a jihad, it was never to hurt anyone. It was always in the defense of Muslims," ABC quoted Conley saying during the sentencing.
"I do not believe I am a threat to society and would appreciate an opportunity to prove it," she said.
According to the report, the teenager's lawyer argued during the sentencing that his client, a Muslim convert, "was misled while exploring her faith," and only deserved to spend one year in jail.
The teenager planned to marry a Tunisian who was fighting for ISIS in Syria who she had met on line and communicated with on Skype, according to the facts of her plea agreement, ABC reported. 
The plan was for Conley to travel to Syria to join her fiance after, "refining and obtaining additional training and skills in order to provide support and assistance to any al-Qaida and/or ISIS fighter."
Conley joined the US Army Explorers (USAE) to be trained in US military tactics and in firearms and obtained first aid/nursing certification as well as National Rifle Association certification in advance of her planned departure ABC reported.