Deadly clashes after Lebanese PM's resignation

As Lebanese PM Makati resigns, deadly violence continues for 3rd day in Tripoli; UN's Ban Ki-moon calls for calm and unity.

Tripoli clashes (photo credit: Reuters/omar Ibrahim)
Tripoli clashes
(photo credit: Reuters/omar Ibrahim)
Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli was the scene of deadly clashes on Saturday, leaving one man dead and two others wounded, according to local residents.
The violence, which has lasted for three days, has escalated in the wake of the resignation of former prime minister Najib Mikati which has been brought about as a direct result of failed talks with terrorist faction Hezbollah who have over shadowed the Lebanese political landscape in recent years.
The timing is problematic, as Lebanon is still three months away from upcoming Parliamentary elections, however Mikati defended his decision on his Twitter page writing, "I thank God that I left office the same way I came in, with integrity."
Lebanon is a country that is in danger of falling into turmoil as it attempts to cope with the ongoing violence occurring in neighboring Syria, which has resulted in border clashes and an influx of refugees. These issues have contributed to Lebanon's growing budget deficit and decrease in its economies success.
Mikati called "for dialogue to begin and for a salvation government to be established during this difficult period."
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon echoed Mikati's sentiment for stability saying, "At this challenging time for the region, the Secretary-General calls on all parties in Lebanon to remain united."
Ban Ki-moon further added, "he also calls on them the role of the Lebanese Armed Forces in sustaining national unity, sovereignty and security."