Direct flights to Slovakian Spa Begin in May

A new direct flight to allows for spa vacation in Slovakia

Piestany resort (photo credit: Courtesy)
Piestany resort
(photo credit: Courtesy)
This summer, from May 6 through the holidays in September, Ophir Tours will operate a direct weekly flight, every Wednesday  to Piestany, the famous island spa in Slovakia, via Sun D'Or Airlines, a subsidiary of El Al.
"Given the huge demand for spa vacations in Piestany, which is one of the most popular spa destinations, we have decided that the huge potential of Israeli vacationers warrants the operation of direct flights from Tel Aviv," said Boaz Waxman, chairman and owner of Ophir Tours.
The site is an international spa center, and includes hotels specializing in spa treatments, with the Vah River surrounding it.
Between May and September 2020, Ophir Tours will be offering  various spa packages, including flights, hotel, accommodation and spa treatments. One can also book tours of the area to tourist and cultural sites in the area, including a visit to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.