Dozens more bodies found at Bangladesh mutiny site

Firefighters on Saturday dug up nine more bodies in two mass graves at the headquarters compound of Bangladesh's border guards, raising the death toll to 75 in the force's two-day mutiny, officials said. The bodies of dozens of senior officers were hurriedly dumped into shallow graves and sewers. Among the dead was Maj. Gen. Shakil Ahmed, the commander of the guards. Dozens more officers were missing, and an intense search for their bodies was taking place inside and outside the compound. "We think there are more bodies," said firefighter Sheikh Mohammad Shahjalal. He said nine bodies were dug up in two mass graves. Meanwhile, funeral preparations were being made for 33 officials killed in the mutiny at an army stadium in the capital, Dhaka. While newly elected Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ended the revolt in two days, persuading the guards to surrender with promises of amnesty coupled with threats of military force, the insurrection raised new questions about stability in this poor South Asian nation.