Expert: Timing key for US expansion

Oded Har Even (photo credit: Courtesy)
Oded Har Even
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In the session, investors and entrepreneurs provided insight regarding tech council ventures and venture capital funds. A pertinent question was raised: What is the appropriate timing for a company to enter the US market?
Advocate Oded Har-Even, who is managing partner at ZAG-S&W, offered his expertise. He said, “Much depends on the partners you find [in the US]. The commercial maturity of the firm and its level of preparation for market penetration are significant, but more crucial is the character of the local US partners or associates. A company might not be well-prepared commercially or business wise and still embark on US operations given the right US partner is found. Same goes the other way around – without the right local associates, a foreign company better not start operating even when their product and marketing are ready and ripe. The right person or organization to open the right doors in the targeted country – that is the key to successful international expansion.”