Feds seize artifacts from US TV show `Survivor'

The federal tribe has spoken: A contaminated monkey skull, termite-infested statues and other African artifacts of the so-called reality television show "Survivor" will not be allowed into the United States. Officials disclosed Monday that customs inspectors in Texas seized a variety of restricted items that were being shipped to the United States in a container belonging to the CBS reality show. Among the items: the hide from an African cat suspected of carrying a dangerous disease, a mandrill monkey skull, civet hides, parrot, poultry and ostrich feathers, bones and cowrie shells. The 17th edition of "Survivor" was taped in the West African nation of Gabon, from where the container was shipped. The final episode was aired Sunday night. The imports were seized Nov. 18 because of the possibility that they were contaminated with pests and disease that could harm US agriculture, according to officials. Civet cats are mongoose-like animals that are a delicacy in China and are suspected of spreading severe acute respiratory syndrome - SARS - to humans. Inspectors also found wooden statues with termites.