Gal Gadot is the new 'feminist' Revlon Global Brand Ambassador

The Israeli actress became a cultural icon in 2017 for her embodiment of the title character in the film 'Wonder Woman.'

The Gal Gadot Revlon teaser. (PR Revlon)
2017’s highest grossing actress Gal Gadot is the new global brand ambassador for American beauty brand Revlon, helping to launch the Live Boldly campaign which capitalizes on the shifting perception on feminists and feminism.
“Feminism is not about hating men or burning bras or fighting anyone," Gadot said in an interview with on Tuesday. "It’s about, first of all, equality, and it’s about freedom of choice and I think that in this world we should all be feminists and whoever is not is a sexist. And I am that [a feminist], and I love women, and I think especially now with everything that’s been going on in Hollywood, we’re in a beautiful moment and in a very interesting era for women. It truly feels like there’s this cultural change — shift — and I think that it’s necessary.”
Gadot took to Twitter to announce her excitement. “So happy to announce that I’ve joined the @revlon family and am helping launch the #LiveBoldly campaign. Stay tuned… it’s going to be beautiful!”

Gadot has been making headlines as the hero of Hollywood for helping rid the DC Comics film franchise of accused sexual assailant and film producer Brett Ratner. She clarified, however, that the credit belongs to the collective support of all people involved in the films who no longer wanted to tolerate such behavior.
Anne Talley, global brand president of Revlon, said of Gadot: “She’s a worldwide symbol of feminine strength and beauty, but she’s also a modern, multifaceted woman... She’s a strong advocate for women, recognized for using her voice and platform to encourage the entertainment industry to strive for fairness. We really see her embracing feminine power and what a woman can accomplish with their own special strength.” 
Fabian Garcia, president and CEO of Revlon, said, “Gal, and all the new Revlon brand ambassadors are emblematic of the beauty, determination and attitude that reflect what it is for women to live boldly in today’s world.”
Gadot will be one of four ambassadors who Garcia believes represent the current change in culture celebrating strong independent women.
The Israeli actress became a cultural icon in 2017 for her embodiment of the title character in the critically acclaimed movie Wonder Woman, a film many believe made progress towards breaking the “glass ceiling” for women in Hollywood.