Gordon Brown pays tribute to UK Jews in Rosh Hashana message

"My admiration for the British Jewish community is boundless, and as you gather in homes and synagogues across the country."

gordon brown 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
gordon brown 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has sent the Jewish community a Rosh Hashana message saying he has immeasurable admiration for the community. "As we approach Rosh Hashana I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you a good and sweet year," he said. "My admiration for the British Jewish community is boundless, and as you gather in homes and synagogues across the country our thoughts are with you all, and we pray for a year of peace and prosperity for all the world. "As the shofar awakens you to reflect upon your lives, so too may it call on all of us to think about how we can be better servants of our communities," the Prime Minister added. He ended his greeting in Hebrew saying, "Ketiva vehatima tova." Conservative Party leader David Cameron also sent the community a message for a "happy, healthy and peaceful" Rosh Hashana. "I am delighted to send my warmest wishes on the occasion of Rosh Hashana. The New Year is always a time both for thinking about, and being thankful for, events that have passed, and for anticipating the months ahead. I hope it is a period of tranquillity and blessing for you and your families. "In Britain today, those of all faiths can learn from the combination of reflection and celebration which occurs at Rosh Hashana. I would like to wish you well for a happy, healthy and peaceful Rosh Hashana and for the forthcoming year," Cameron said. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg also sent New Year wishes. "I wish everyone in the Jewish community shanah tovah and a peaceful, successful and sweet new year," he said. "May the shofar mark the beginning of a festival of rest and reflection for Jews in Britain and around the world as they celebrate this festival with their friends and families." Clegg said he hoped for progress in the peace process in the coming year. "May this year be one in which Jewish communities throughout the world live in tranquility without fear of anti-Semitism and may it be a prosperous and productive year for us all. "I hope that the coming year will see progress towards peace between Israel and its neighbors," he added.