Indian official warns of terror attacks in Goa

Indian official warns of

The gift horse cartoon 370 (photo credit: Pepe Fainberg)
The gift horse cartoon 370
(photo credit: Pepe Fainberg)
Pakistani terror groups are planning attacks against tourist sites frequented by Israelis, British and Americans in Goa, a top Indian government officials warned on Friday. Home Minister Rabvi Navik said that the terrorist groups were planning "spectacular violence" in Goa, which was a prime target due to the large presence of tourists from Israel and the United States. Attracted by its beautiful beaches, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Goa annually. December and January are popular months to visit due to the area's open-air Christmas and New Year parties. "Available intelligence inputs indicate that a strong desire is entertained by various Pakistan-based terrorist groups to indulge in spectacular violence in Goa," Navik was quoted as saying in Indian press reports. Israeli defense officials said that they believed the threat was genuine. In October, Israel's Counterterrorism Bureau issued a travel advisory regarding India, claiming that the threat against Israelis was "concrete" and recommended that Israelis refrain from congregating in synagogues, Chabad centers and other popular tourist spots.