Indian students asked to put boxes on their heads to prevent cheating

The story became viral after pictures from the exam were posted online.

cardboard box (photo credit: PUBLIC DOMAIN)
cardboard box
(photo credit: PUBLIC DOMAIN)
In an unorthodox attempt to prevent cheating in a pre-college chemistry exam in Bhagat, India, students were asked to put cardboard boxes on their head.
The boxes were cut on one side so that the students could only look down at their test papers.
A Junior college administrator apologized for the incident, while another said it has only been implemented as an experiment, after hearing about it being done somewhere else, and that it was all done with consent from the students.
SC Peerjade, deputy director of the local pre-University Education Board, described the practice as "inhumane."
"When I got a message on this, I immediately went to the college and ordered the management to stop the practice," Peerjade said, according to the Times of India. "I also issued a notice to the college management and am contemplating disciplinary action against them for implementing this idea."
School officials say this practice is no longer taking place.