Iran to make long-range artillery ammo

Teheran unveils advance in arsenal, demands US change attitude.

Iran missile (photo credit: AP Photo/Iranian Defense Ministry,Vahid Reza Alaei)
Iran missile
(photo credit: AP Photo/Iranian Defense Ministry,Vahid Reza Alaei)
Iran unveiled a new artillery shell on Sunday, vastly improving its arsenal's range. Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said the new 130 millimeter advanced artillery shells will be far outstrip the previous capabilities of the Islamic Republic's army, Press TV reported on Sunday. “This ammunition uses solid propellants and act like ballistic missiles,” the Iranian defense minister noted.
Vahidi also lauded Iranian experts in the arms production division of the country's defense industries for their efforts to further enhance the range of the artillery ammunition from 27 to 42 kilometers.
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The defense minister also said such achievements demonstrate that sanctions against Iran have been ineffective.
Last Wednesday Vahidi announced that Iran had tested a new surface-to-surface missile equipped with an upgraded guidance control system. The defense minister said the third generation of the Fateh- 110, which means “conqueror” in Farsi, was equipped with a high accuracy guidance control system. He said the solid-fuel missile was developed domestically by Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organization and tested on Wednesday.
In related news, Iran also on Sunday demanded that the US drop its aggressive attitude towards Teheran if it would like an improvement in relations between the two countries.
"If the US seriously seeks to revive relations with Iran, it should make changes in its attitude. Washington should prove that it will never repeat previous mistakes and will not pursue misguided and hostile policies towards the Iranian nations," said Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast in comments to the Fars News Agency cited by Press TV.
He continued, "However, there is no reason to prepare the grounds for establishing relations at the time the US attacks other countries, violates rights of nations and sees its interest in war and massacre."