'Iranian terror cell in Bangkok hid bombs in radios'

ABC News: Bangkok bomber was photographed holding portable radios found to contain ball bearings, magnets.

Thai policeman takes photo of terror site_390 (photo credit: Reuters)
Thai policeman takes photo of terror site_390
(photo credit: Reuters)
The Iranian nationals who were discovered plotting a terror attack in Bangkok last week used portable radios to hide at least five bombs that they intended to use against Israeli targets in the city, ABC News reported on Tuesday.
A surveillance photo appears to show one of the Iranians in custody, Saeid Moradi, carrying two portable radios. According to ABC, the radios were packed with ball bearings and magnets, indicating that they were designed to be stuck to the side of a vehicle. Similar devices were used in terror plots against Israeli interests in New Delhi and Georgia prior to the uncovering of the Bangkok plot.
In the February 14 Bangkok attack, one explosive went off in the bombers’ home. Another was thrown at a taxi that refused to take one of the men who left the house. The third blew off the bomber Moradi's legs when he tried to throw it at police. Police believe the first bomb was a work accident that occurred while the men were planning a terror attack against Israeli targets.
The Bangkok Post reported on Monday that police believe that a number of stickers bearing the word "Sejeal" found posted along a road in Bangkok may have been used by the Iranian men arrested in the plot last week to mark potential targets and escape routes.
The stickers were found posted at 52 locations along a road which leads to the Israeli embassy in Bangkok and is frequented by Israeli officials. Similar stickers were found at the house where the blast occurred last week. The stickers were also discovered at another house linked to the suspects and under the seat of a motorcycle believed to be the property of one of the suspects.
According to the report, the word written on the stickers may refer to a passage in the Koran. Palestinians terrorists have referred to their rockets and mortar shells as "sejeal stones," referencing the Koran passage.
The Bangkok Post added that Thai police were planning to seek an arrest warrant for a sixth suspect believed to be involved in the terror plot. An official said that the suspect is believed to have left Thailand for Iran already. Moradi and two other suspects are in custody, while two additional suspects remain at large and are believed to have escaped to Iran.