ISIS ploting to massacre Christians in Belgian shopping mall

The son of a radical Imam in Belgium has confessed to recruiting extremists in order to carry out terror attacks.

Islamic State video threatens Britain (photo credit: screenshot)
Islamic State video threatens Britain
(photo credit: screenshot)
ISIS extremists are hatching a plot to butcher Christians in a shopping center with chainsaws, the son of a radical Imam told the Daily Mail.
The teenager from the city of Verviers, Belgium was arrested after a video of him walking in the street and calling for the murder of Christians in Arabic was released.
He is said to have revealed in a police interview that the terrorist organization is recruiting members in order to carry out a massacre in a shopping center using a chainsaw.
According to the Daily Mail, the Belgian newspaper 'La Derniere Heure' reported that the man, son of radical imam Shayh Alami, confessed that ISIS is recruiting lone wolves in Belgium.
The teenager said two planned attacks were to be staged at a shopping center, while another was against an Imam "not radical enough."
Theo Francken, the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, is working to deport the Imam as well as his son.
Francken said, "I already signed the order to remove the Imam from Belgian soil. But he appealed the decision, so I can only hope for a quick sentence. Clearly radicalism runs in the family."
Verviers as well as the Belgian suburb of Molenbeek, are well known to be breeding grounds for Islamists in Belgium according to Belgian media.