'Israeli-Polish relations at all-time high'

Polish FM plays down Isaeli concerns over the inclusion of a ultra-nationalist party in the gov't.

Israelis in Poland 298.8 (photo credit: Yedid)
Israelis in Poland 298.8
(photo credit: Yedid)
Israeli-Polish relations are better than they've ever been at any time since the establishment of the State of Israel, former Polish foreign minister Prof. Wladyslaw Bartoszewski said Tuesday. Bartoszewski, 85, who has been recognized by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Among the Nations and holds honorary Israeli citizenship, spearheaded Poland's improving relations with Israel during two terms as foreign minister. "There can be no conflict of interests between our two countries, only shared interests," he said during an address at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, adding that Poland's closest relations were with the US and Israel. Bartoszewski played down Israeli concerns over the inclusion of a ultra-nationalist party in the current Polish government, as well as the continuing broadcasts of the Catholic Radio Maryja, known for its anti-Semitic diatribes. "Are there some anti-Semites in Poland? Sure. And they certainly would want to hang me on a tree too," the no-nonsense statesman said. "The point is this: Israel is going to celebrate its 60th anniversary next year, and Hitler is burning in hell," he concluded. During 1940-1941, he was a political prisoner in Auschwitz. Since June 2001, he has been the chairman of an organization committed to preserving the memory of past victims of wars and persecution.