Merkel: Refugees bring a new type of antisemitism to Germany

Chancellor ‘embarrassed’ Jewish institutions in Germany need security in 2018.

Germany's Merkel says fight against antisemitism must be won, April 18, 2018 (Reuters)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she is “burdened’’ by the failure to eradicate antisemitism in the Germany, Channel 10 reported on Saturday evening.
Merkel agreed to give an exclusive interview to the Israeli news channel, in which she addressed German-Israeli relations and world events, which is to be broadcast in full on Sunday.
“I am embarrassed due to the fact that Jewish institutions require security details in 2018,” Merkel said. She connected this with the arrival of refugees and “people of Arab heritage” who, Merkel said, “bring with them a new form of antisemitism into Germany.”
The chancellor added that “to our regret, antisemitism existed in Germany even before [their arrival].”