Notorious anti-Catholic extremist found dead in Belfast

One of Belfast's most notorious anti-Catholic extremists was found dead Sunday from an apparent drug overdose, three months after winning parole from prison. Police said they were not seeking anyone else on suspicion of involvement in the death of Ihab Shoukri, 34, a former commander of the Ulster Defense Association, the biggest outlawed paramilitary group in Northern Ireland. Together with his younger brother, Shoukri spent years terrorizing Catholics in his north Belfast power base and running a wide range of criminal rackets - most notably drug dealing. Prominent community activists said Shoukri would not be missed, and the manner of his demise represented poetic justice. "I am sad to hear a young man has lost his life, but the first thought that came to my mind was: Those who live by the sword die by it," said Protestant community worker May Blood. "This guy put drugs into the community for years and years and destroyed so many lives."