Obama arrives in Hawaii for holiday

President-elect Barack Obama and his family arrived Saturday in his native Hawaii for a holiday vacation set to be interrupted with the release of an internal investigation about his aides' roles in allegations of public corruption. An Obama aide told reporters that the review could be released early this coming week. Aides declined to discuss details, saying officials would honor prosecutors' request to keep it private until the week of December 22. Obama has said he is eager to release their internal investigation about what contacts his aides and advisers had with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who faces federal allegations he tried to sell Obama's former US Senate seat to the highest bidder. Obama earlier told reporters an internal investigation showed his staff did nothing wrong, but the release was put off when US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald asked it be delayed. Prosecutors say Obama and his team did nothing wrong; federal wiretaps include Blagojevich using profane language to describe Obama. On Friday, Blagojevich said he did nothing illegal and vowed to fight the allegations.