Pentagon to brief Obama team on key decisions

The US Defense Department will give President-elect Barack Obama's transition team a rundown of "key decision points" it will face in his first 90 days as commander in chief, a senior official said Thursday. Eric Edelman, the policy chief for Defense Secretary Robert Gates, told a group of reporters that briefings for Obama's defense transition team will be intentionally "non-prescriptive," avoiding trying to sell the Defense Department's current policies and instead laying out a timeline to prepare the incoming team. "We've tried to sketch out a timeline for the department as a whole" and for individual agencies within the department, "by issue, of the key decision points that the new administration is going to face in the first 90 days of its term," Edelman said. "We've tried to be non-prescriptive, which is to say, look, here's the timeline, here's the decision points you will face, here are the choices that you will face," without recommending policy choices, he said.