Photographer travels to 52 countries in 52 weeks

All for less than the cost of staying at home...

ILAN ROGERS took over 100,000 photos during his yearlong journey. (photo credit: ILAN ROGERS)
ILAN ROGERS took over 100,000 photos during his yearlong journey.
(photo credit: ILAN ROGERS)
 Last month, Ilan Rogers, 41, completed a unique photographic journey around the world, visiting 52 countries on five continents in a single year – all for less than the cost of staying at home.
“It all started a year ago, when I celebrated my 40th birthday. Like many people, I was feeling anxious about getting older, so I decided it was time to do something I’ve always dreamed of: a photography trip around the world,” says Rogers.
What started out as a personal project has now become one of the largest global photography endeavors ever completed, providing a unique snapshot of the world we live in. 
Throughout his year-long journey, Rogers took over 100,000 photos, ranging from people, to food, nature and architecture, making it his mission to capture images that portray both the similarities and differences between the many countries he visited.
Before setting out on his round-the-world journey, the initial costs of flights, accommodations and transportation seemed too expensive. Determined to fulfill his dream, Rogers took a step back, and researched dozens of alternative options, until he found the ideal route.
With a general idea of where to go each month but no advanced reservations, he packed a carry-on bag and a backpack filled with camera equipment and set out to explore the world.
By taking advantage of strategic stopovers, last-minute hotel deals and affordable transportation options, Rogers managed to keep his round-the-world journey costs to under $2,000 a month, even when visiting expensive countries such as Japan, Iceland and New Zealand.
“If you live in a Western country, you’re probably spending more than that just on housing, utilities and food,” he says. “It’s amazing when you discover that you can travel the world for less than the cost of staying at home.”
Since January 2019, he has traveled more than 150,000 kilometers on dozens of planes, ships, trains and buses, visiting and photographing in: France, Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, The Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, Antigua, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, North Macedonia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Latvia, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria, Spain, Andorra, Romania, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, The Vatican, Luxembourg, Belgium and Iceland.
Now that he has completed the journey he always dreamed of, Rogers is starting to go through the more 
than 100,000 photos and videos he took around the world.
He recently began uploading photos to his Instagram and Facebook accounts and will be posting select photos from a different country each week.
Later this year, he hopes to exhibit his best photographs in the real world, as well.
“I feel very fortunate to have seen and photographed so many special places, and want to share this unique experience with others. I will be happy to showcase my best photos in suitable venues around the world.”
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