Pilot falsely linked to 9/11 denied compensation

An Algerian-born pilot wrongly jailed in Britain on accusations that he trained the Sept. 11 hijackers lost a legal bid for compensation Thursday at London's High Court. Two judges ruled that the government was entitled to exclude Lotfi Raissi, 33, from its compensation policy for victims of miscarriages of justice because he had been held on a US extradition warrant. The judges said the legal proceedings did not fall "in the domestic criminal process." Raissi was arrested near London's Heathrow Airport shortly after the 2001 attacks after being indicted by a federal grand jury in the US state of Arizona. United States prosecutors described him as a prime suspect in the 9/11 case, claiming he offered pilot training to the hijackers. However, a British judge refused to extradite Raissi to face trial and released him after almost five months in custody, claiming there was no evidence to link him with terrorism.