Police find bombs in Mumbai train station a week after attacks

Police found two bombs at Mumbai's main train station nearly a week after they were left there by gunmen behind the attacks - in a stunning new example of the botched security that has become a major issue in India since the deadly three-day siege. The discovery Wednesday came as Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said India is "determined to act decisively" following the attacks, saying the evidence was clear the gunmen came from Pakistan and their handlers are still there. His words, the strongest yet from the government, came as thousands of Indians - many calling for war with Pakistan - held a vigil in Mumbai to mark one week since the start of the rampage that killed 171 people. While searching through a mound of about 150 bags, which police believed were left by the dozens of victims in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station, an officer found a suspicious-looking bag and called the bomb squad, said Assistant Commissioner of Police Bapu Domre. Inside were two 8.8-pound (4-kilogram) bombs, which were taken away and safely detonated, he said.