Pope in new book: Don't blame Jews for Jesus' death

Book describes last week of Jesus' life, contradicts Gospel's claim that Jews collaborated with Roman authorities.

pope doing the roof is on fire 311 Reuters (photo credit: REUTERS)
pope doing the roof is on fire 311 Reuters
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Pope Benedict XVI reiterated that the Jewish people are not responsible for Jesus' death in a new book released on Wednesday.
The Pope also denies the Gospel writers' claim that Jews working in the Temple collaborated with the Roman authorities, leading to Jesus' exectution.
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"Many readers will find this section of the book particularly interesting as the Pope reviews the historical positions taken about this," said Father Joseph Fessio, founder and publisher of Ignatius Press, the primary publisher of the Pope's books in the US. "He discusses some very controversial claims that have been made, and draws on some contemporary scholarly resources to reach a conclusion that I am certain will generate a lot of discussion."
The book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week - From the Entrance Into Jerusalem to the Resurrection, a sequel to a previous book on Jesus' life, the Pope describes "the final week of Jesus' earthly life."