Putin supporters nominate Russian leader for Nobel over Syria plan

Supporters say Russian President Vladimir Putin is a wise and measured politician who cares about peace.

Putin with colorful flags370 (photo credit: Reuters)
Putin with colorful flags370
(photo credit: Reuters)
Russian President Vladimir Putin, known for his extravagant animal adventures and standing up against the West, could be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize.
A group of his supporters have announced their nomination of the president for the prestigious prize.
Why Putin?
Beslan Kobakhia, vice president of the Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation Between the World's Nations, says it's Putin's leadership.
"Vladimir Putin did everything possible for the peace settlement in Syria. Vladimir Putin led by his personal example in his devotion to peace - not just with his words, but with his actions," Kobakhia said. "At the cornerstone of all his life there are no short-term political goals or vested corporate interests of his own country, but only interest in maintaining peace in the whole world."
He says if it weren't for Putin, the two-year conflict in Syria would have escalated into World War III.
"It shows him [Putin] as a wise and measured politician who really cares about total peace on Earth, which fully corresponds to the description of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee."
The group says it submitted a nomination letter to the Nobel committee on September 16, though the Norwegian Nobel Committee website says the nomination process closed in February.