Rare Faberge egg fetches US$18.5 million at London auction

A rare enamel-and-gold Faberge egg that had been in the Rothschild banking family for more than a century sold for nearly 9 million pounds (US$18.5 million) at auction Wednesday. The sale of the translucent pink egg topped with a diamond-studded cockerel was a record for a Faberge work of art, Christie's auction house said. The price also broke the record for Russian artwork, excluding paintings, Christie's said. The next highest price was the US$9.6 million paid for a Faberge egg in New York in April 2002. "It holds an amazing fascination for just about everybody, from James Bond onwards as far as I remember," said Anthony Philips, Christie's Russian art specialist. "It's just a magic name. The quality is fantastic. There's a romantic association with the Russian Revolution. They're of stunning workmanship."