Report: Cookie Monster used by neo-Nazis in Germany to recruit children

Neo-Nazis arrested in school dressed as Sesame Street character; image with Cookie together with Adolf Hitler discovered by police.

Cookie Monster (photo credit: REUTERS)
Cookie Monster
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Cookie Monster, the lovable, blue, biscuit-infatuated Sesame Street character is being used by neo-Nazis in Germany to recruit children.
Neo-Nazi Steffen Lange, 31, who dressed as Cookie, was arrested recently along with an accomplice after handing out pamphlets in a school in Seftenberg, in the state of Brandenburg, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.
German police searched the home of the two men and discovered computers with neo-Nazi Cookie Monster material and other far-right propaganda, according to the report.
Police told the British paper that Mr. Monster has become a symbol for far-right extremists in their recruitment of the young.
One of the images discovered by police showed Cookie Monster with Adolf Hitler under the caption, "Who ate my biscuit," according to the report. 
A local Brandenburg policeman expressed his concern over the manipulation of Cookie Monster by the neo-Nazis.  
"There is nothing humorous about far right ideology despite the fact they are trying to trivialize it by getting the Sesame Street character involved," the Daily Mail reported the policeman saying.