Rice: US wants UN documents on Iran immediately

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told holdouts in a diplomatic impasse at the United Nations Thursday that the United States wants action on Iran's disputed nuclear program. "There can't be any stalling," Rice said Thursday in response to a question about US efforts to get Russia and China to sign on to a strongly worded rebuke to Tehran. Russia and China have refused to back a UN Security Council statement proposed by Britain, France and the United States that demands Iran suspend uranium enrichment. That is the process by which uranium can be upgraded to a state usable in nuclear weapons. Talks among the five permanent members of the Security Council have bogged down over the statement to be read out by the council president, which traditional Iranian allies or trade partners see as a prelude to sanctions they do not support. A permanent member has the power to veto any council resolution. Rice planned to call her Russian counterpart Friday to try to break the deadlock.