Saudi Arabia classifies feminism, homosexuality, as a form of extremism

Saudi Arabia’s decision to classify feminism, homosexuality and Westernization as a form of extremism comes amid alleged liberalization of the status of women in the Kingdom.

SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT Twitter (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Saudi Arabia’s general department of counter-extremism, which is part of the State Security Presidency, tweeted an animated video aimed at its citizens information them about extremist ideas and behaviors, including feminism, homosexuality, Westernization and promiscuity.
The tweet was released on November 8,  2019, declaring these ideas as an unacceptable form of extremism,  to which many Saudis online expressed support for its message, especially in regards to feminism. Saudi Arabian women, since 2011, have seen the gradual growth of their freedoms, such as the right to drive a car, access to government services and the right to register a divorce.
Due to fear of a backlash from Western countries, and internal criticism from the Saudi Shura Council members, female media figures and intellectuals, led Saudi authorities to remove the video several days after its release.
In a statement released by the State Security Presidency on November 12, 2019, the service renounced all responsibility for its release, declaring that it “contained many mistakes in its definition of extremism,” and was released without prior approval.
Despite some new freedoms given to women, they still face many restrictions. Some women’s rights activist who have been campaigning for more freedoms are currently imprisoned, including allegations that some have been tortured.