Sudan's president warns foreigners in Darfur

Sudan's president threatened to kick out more aid groups and expel diplomats and peacekeepers on Sunday during his first trip to Darfur after an international court issued an arrest warrant against him for war crimes there. Sudan has already expelled 13 of the largest aid groups operating in Darfur as part of its defiant response to the International Criminal Court's decision last week to indict him. Sudan has accused them of cooperating with the Netherlands-based ICC. The statements came as the Sudanese army announced it was moving toward putting its army on full alert by mobilizing three-quarters of its troops, according to the Sudan Media Center, a news agency with close links to the government. The army renewed its allegiance to President Omar al-Bashir and said it was ready to confront any possible threat, said the report, quoting a statement from the army's chief of staff, Gen. Mohammed Nasreddin.