Suspects in German terror plan to confess

Four men accused of belonging to a radical Islamic terror cell that plotted to attack US targets in Germany have announced during their trial that they are prepared to confess to some or all of the charges against them. Adem Yilmaz, an alleged member of the group, was the first to announce during the 15th day of the trial Tuesday that he wanted to confer with his three co-defendants and then offer a confession. Yilmaz said through his defense attorney, Ricarda Lang, that he wanted to "explain comprehensively." Lang said the lengthy trial had influenced his change of mind: "He's bored." Fritz Gelowicz, the alleged ringleader of the group that allegedly was planning bombings for the fall of 2007, said he also wanted to confess and would then submit to questioning. "There will be surprises," said his defense attorney, Dirk Uden.