Mazel Tov! ‘The Jerusalem Post’ publishes 25,000th issue

Even though it's available online, on smartphones, on tablets and in e-versions the venerable institution of the daily paper that Gershon Agron launched in 1932 is stronger than ever.

The Jerusalem Post (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
The Jerusalem Post
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Chances are that you’re reading this story about the 25,000th issue of The Jerusalem Post on a screen.
That’s what makes reaching this historic milestone so meaningful for those of us who have had the honor to be part of chronicling the past 82 tumultuous years, including the 66 years of Israel’s existence.
Even though it is available online, on smartphones, on tablets, in e-versions and who knows what else, the venerable institution of the daily paper that Gershon Agron launched in 1932 is stronger than ever.
Today, the term "The Jerusalem Post” means many things.
It’s a myriad widely read, well-respected publications that include an international edition, a French edition, a Christian edition, and easy Hebrew, easy English and “kosher” editions. It’s an extremely popular website ( that has become the “homepage of the Jewish people” and all who are interested in Israel and the Jewish world. But the basic principles that guided Agron to launch the paper remain the same.
On the front page of The Palestine Post on December 1, 1932, the founding editor wrote that the paper’s reports would be as objective as humanly possible and its criticisms informed, legitimate and helpful.
“The studied purpose will be the present and future welfare of the country and its people,” he wrote.
That is still the goal of the paper as we print issue 25,000.
Our dedicated group of reporters and editors – both in print and online – are continuing to get the job done in the fine journalistic tradition that has been part of our DNA since the beginning. And thanks to the opportunities that technological advancements and social media have afforded us, we’re getting it done more quickly, more directly and more comprehensively than ever before.
Sure, there are challenges in the “instant” pace that today’s news cycle demands, and the coming years will likely witness further innovations in how we gather and report the news and how you consume it, but The Jerusalem Post is precisely poised at the vortex of the storm. No matter how you access the information we provide, thank you for putting your faith in us to provide an illuminated lantern to navigate the rough waters that we hope will one day make way for calm seas.
Now it’s time to get ready for issue 25,001.