Top Seven Picks for Israeli Independence Day 2016

Our top 7 gift picks for this Independence Day!

Gifts made in Israel. (photo credit: JWG)
Gifts made in Israel.
(photo credit: JWG)
Israel is something special to everyone: the realization of a Biblical promise, the fulfilment of Herzl’s Zionist dream, and the modern homeland to the world’s dispersed Jewish community. 
Whether you’re a veteran oleh seasoned by years surrounded by Sabras, fresh off the plane dreaming of building a home here, a Taglit participant whose life was changed by experiencing Israel, or someone who vacations on Israel’s gorgeous beaches, I have no doubt you’re waiting to celebrate this week! 
These are our top picks to help you have an unforgettable Independence Day – and they’re all made right here in Israel: 
This great bracelet is a cute and colourful, and also available with an IDF-themed motif. Cheap and cheerful, this bracelet is perfect for distributing at school events or rallies to show the world you stand with Israel!
This fun baseball cap is patriotic and practical: support Israel and protect yourself against the summer sun! It’s available in a range of styles and colors – choose from IDF, Israel and Jerusalem insignia.
The Israeli flag is a national symbol of pride. On Independence Day, it flies high above our schools and synagogues, and is danced with and hung across parades and parties. Available in three different sizes, this flag is the perfect accessory to any Israeli Pride or Independence Day celebration!
Your keychain is a great way to carry small and subtle with you wherever you go. This unique design has been made from the remnants of a Kassam rocket fired into Israel from Gaza. It reads Am Yisrael Chai, and features a sparkling blue crystal marking where the rocket fell.
Perfect for adding to a t-shirt, youth movement shirt, bag or anything else, this pin is a great way to show the world where your heart lies! It’s also perfect to order in bulk to distribute at Israeli Pride Parades and rallies.
What you wear expresses who you are: choose from a huge range of styles and colors and wear Israel with pride with this great t-shirt!
This little guy will make an adorable Independence Day gift to someone special! Clad in a blue sweatshirt printed with an Israeli flag and the word Israel, it’s a perfect way to make Yom Haatzmaut meaningful.