Top Taliban leader vows revenge on US after alleged air strike in Pakistan

A top Taliban leader vowed Thursday to target the US in revenge for an alleged missile strike that killed several people in a Pakistani tribal region, a threat that bodes ill for the new government's efforts to negotiate peace deals with militants. The suspected strike Wednesday destroyed a compound in Damadola village, a militant stronghold in the Bajur tribal region near the border with Afghanistan. A similar attack in 2006 reportedly missed al-Qaida's No. 2 leader Ayman al-Zawahri. Neither the US nor Pakistan's military have confirmed the incident and the death toll was unclear. But residents said they saw a US aircraft flying in the area before two explosions rocked the village. The US is believed to operate unmanned drones out of Afghanistan. After attending a funeral for seven men said to have been killed, Faqir Mohammed, a cleric who is the deputy leader of Pakistan's Taliban movement, vowed revenge.