Topless protesters storm Muslim conference, allegedly dragged down and kicked

Protesters appear to be part of international women's movement, Femen.

Topless protesters storm Muslim conference
Topless protesters believed to be from the feminist group Femen, rushed on to the stage of a Muslim conference near Paris before being dragged to the ground and kicked, video posted on the Daily Mail website on Sunday appeared to show.
The two protesters, ages 25 and 31, according to the Mail, took control of the microphones from the two men leading the protest in Pontoise, France, shouting slogans at the crowd.
The women had Femen written across their backs and one woman had a slogan that translates as, "Nobody makes me submit" written across her chest, according to the Daily Mail.
A group of men came on to the stage to drag the women off, and a man appears to kick at the women while they are on the ground, just off camera.
Femen is an international women's movement which uses topless protests to denounce what it calls economic, cultural and ideological domination by men.
It says on its website that its 'sextremist' activists are trained at centers in Ukraine and France.
Reuters contributed to this report.