Two bombs explode in Kabul; one dead, 8 wounded

Two bombs exploded Wednesday in the Afghan capital in attacks targeting government workers or security forces, killing one bystander and injuring at least eight other people, police and witnesses said. One of the blasts was triggered by a remote-controlled bomb placed in a handcart and detonated while a bus drove by around 7:30 a.m in the Khair Khana area of northern Kabul, police officer Mohammad Nawad said. At least one civilian was killed and three others were hurt, he said. The second bomb targeted an Afghan National Army vehicle in downtown Kabul, according to Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammad Zaher Azimi. He said the remote-controlled bomb had been hidden inside a garbage container on the street when the Afghan military vehicle drove by. The blast sent the vehicle out of control and it crashed nearby, he said. There were some minor injuries but Azimi said he did not know how many had been hurt.