US: Alleged terrorist tries to annul extradition

The lawyer of an American-Jordanian who was sent to the United States to face charges of plotting to kill American soldiers serving overseas on Monday said he was preparing to challenge the government's extradition order. Fathi al-Daradkeh described the Feb. 19 extradition of Mohammad Zaki Amawi unconstitutional and said it failed to follow the due process set out by Jordanian law. "None of those measures were taken and Amawi's extradition is arbitrary," Daradkeh told The Associated Press. Jordanian government spokesman Nasser Judeh, however, insisted on Monday that "Amawi was an American citizen and wanted for criminal charges in the US and that is why he was extradited." Daradkeh said "Amawi was taken during a raid on his family's house in the northern city of Irbid and three days later we saw him on television in the United States." Irbid is 80 kilometers north of Amman. "His parents insist that he returns to his country," he added.