US military jet crash in San Diego kills 3 on ground

A fighter jet returning to a US Marine base after a training exercise crashed in flames in a San Diego neighborhood, killing three people on the ground, leaving one missing and destroying two homes. The pilot of the F/A-18D Hornet jet ejected safely just before the crash around noon Monday at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Explosions rocked a neighborhood of half-million-dollar homes, sending flames and plumes of smoke skyward. "The house shook; the ground shook. It was like I was frozen in my place," said Steve Krasner, who lives a few blocks from the crash. "It was bigger than any earthquake I ever felt." Three people were killed in a house where two children, a mother and a grandmother were believed to be at the time of the crash, but fire officials did not immediately know who died. Another person remained missing, and officials said the search was suspended until Tuesday morning.