Venezuela: Tear gas hurled at Vatican mission, Chavez critics

Unidentified attackers hurled tear gas canisters at the Vatican's diplomatic mission in Venezuela, at university students and at the home of a media executive on Monday, the latest in a series of attacks against critics of President Hugo Chavez. Monsignor Roberto Luckert, vice president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, told Caracas-based Union Radio that at least five tear gas canisters were thrown at the Vatican's mission in Caracas around dawn on Monday. Separate attacks also targeted a gathering of students at the Central University of Venezuela and the home of Marcel Granier, director of a television channel noted for its criticism of Chavez. Luckert said nobody was hurt in the attack on the mission, which he blamed on a pro-Chavez group calling itself "La Piedrita," which has claimed responsibility for past tear gas attacks against Chavez foes.